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Kordel's Charity Walk for Arthritis 2010

What? The 2nd Annual Kordel's Charity Walk for Arthritis 2010

Where? Taman Bandaran, Kelana Jaya

When? 30 May 2010 (7am)

Who? Kordel's and Arthritis Foundation Malaysia (AFM)

Why? To help raise funds for the Arthritis Foundation Malaysia in initiating public health efforts to improve the living quality of people with arthritis and to help joint replacement of arthritis patient in the future.

I was still groggy due to lack of sleep when I take a long morning walk to taman Bandaran Kelana Jaya from Sunway where I live. I was feeling kinda tired after the Relay for life and Rossa Concert the night before. The sky was grey and threatening to pour any moment then! But heck, no rain was going to ruin my beautiful Sunday morning! :) So, I marched on.

I reached the start point right on when they were about to start the warm-up session. I saw many familar faces at the race - be it as volunteers or as participants, especially those from Pacesetters Athletic Club.:)

This charity walk emerged as a partnership between Kordel's and Athritis Foundation Malaysia (AFM) to help those suffering from arthritis.

According to Kordel's, the walk was a huge success this year, with more than 500 participants walking for charity.

The walk was flagged off at about 7:30am by AFM president Dr Amir Azlan Zain.

The participants walked in a team of four around the Kelana Jaya Park area. It was not really a "competitive event" and was supposed to be a fun and easy 5km walk. But we know some teams went all out to grab the prizes offered in terms of product hampers.

Not only the fast teams were rewarded as there was one special prize for the best dressed team :) The winners went to the above team. (Team 040)

Even though it started to drizzle during the walk, the rain didn't dampen the spirits of the participants. :D

Volunteers giving out check point ribbon under their umbrellas. :)

The first team to cross the finish line.

More team crossing the finish line hand in hand in 4s.

There were a few who lost their team members too. Heheh!

I took some pics of the teams who injected a little bit more fun into their teams by dressing up. Here they are....

The koboi team. :)

The makcik with batik pants team. :)

Mrs Kordel's team. I didn't see a Mr. Kordel's team though! LOL!

Speeches time....What I like about the speeches in this event is - they were really short but yet meaningful. :)

Big Boss of Kordel's K.I.S.S. (Keeping It Short & Simple) :)

Thank you for keeping the speeches short and the fun long. :)

10 consolations and 1 grand prize were given out to the fastest winners.

The team grabbed the grand prize of RM1500 worth of Kordel’s voucher + hampers! CONGRATS!

If you think they looked a bit are probably correct. Their pics (some of the members) were plastered on the stage back drop.

Heheh! You see they were the previous year's Grand Prize winner!

Here's the TOP 3 winners list and their timings. - 1 (23:24); 2 I AM MAS MAS IS ME (25:24); 3 Team 096 (26.58).

MC Liang posing with some aweks. :) FYI, Liang is a Malaysia's renowned R&B singer too.

Some of the Kordel's products for sale at the walk.

Everyone took home a Kordel's limited edition water resistance bag with contents worth over RM100! Wow!

The Gardenia wagon gave away soft rolls generously, Sunway Healthy Lifestyle sponsored food and beverages, free flow of Revive isotonic and free Kosmo new paper!

Uh Oh! What was happing there? Why were they crowding over the car like that?

More freebies....That's why! The Red Ryder (from Red FM) further excite the crowd wth games, quizzes and more prizes to give away!

Cake baking session?

No...Dr. Amir was not making a cake with that bowl. He was drawing the lucky number for the grand draw prize.

And the the grand prize went to....

She won a 3D 2N Hotel stay for two from Holiday Inn, Glenmarie! YAY!

I must say the lucky draw was flawlessly executed! Winning numbers were neatly written on the display banners and winners could claim their prizes immediately. more than 130 draw items were given away that morning!

Some participants even won themselves some prizes for being the fastest to go on the stage! It was awesome! LOL!

All in all, the event provided great fun for a great cause for everyone. We certainly wish to see the walk making a big come back next year so that there will be continual support for AFM in their efforts to help improve the quality of life of those suffering from arthritis.

Note: To further support this charitable cause, you can buy any of the Kordel's 3 Charity packs in all participating pharmacies and RM1 will automatically be donated to the foundation. The charity drive ends on 30 June 2010.

For more info, please click HERE.

Acknowledgments: Thank you to Mabel Lau of Nuvanta and Kordel's for the invite to Kordel's Charity Walk for Arthritis 2010 and for providing all the information I needed for this post.

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Nice move to create awareness on arthritis.

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