Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sundown A "Letdown"?

We weren’t there but we heard lots of complaints from across the causeway calling it a logistic nightmare and stuff. We heard Half Marathon runners were "short changed" as 21km was slashed to 18km. There were congestion, confusion and frustration. We also heard that a week's earlier Passion Run was no better bt let's not go there. LOL!

Click here to read some of the articles published in their local newspapers.

Sundown A "Letdown" news clippings.

Now, let's see how the race organiser, HiVelocity answered the bad press and the title sponsor Adidas quick "response".

Marathon organiser sorry, promises improvement news clippings.

My purpose of sharing the articles is not to belittle the organisers or anyone. We published them in case one or two road race organisers here might stumble across them and learn somethings from the articles. For the betterment of the running community! :)

I am sure Sundown Marathon organiser have learnt alot from this year's event. Quoting my fellow runner friend, Mohan, "Lets give them some 'breathing space' to ponder, reflect and improve. And all this can only mean one thing for the running community - A MUCH BETTER RACE NEXT YEAR!"

I would like to congratulate all those Malaysian runners who went all the way to Singapore to "suffer" and finished the gruesome 84km race!!!!

Tabik spring to you, (Insert your own name here)!

Now, the next marathon that everybody is eyeballing now is the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. We certainly hope that SCKLM will recover from a lacklustre debut and learned from tonnes of complaints received last year.

We have spoken to the operational director, Mr. Rainer Biemans and heard from our Runners Malaysia's Wan Yew Leong as volunteer director. From the progress, we think it will be going great marathon!

We are confident that things will be going well. But then again Que Sera Sera...Whatever will be will be, right?

Only time will tell.

FYI, I ran the Adidas Sundwon Marathon in 2008. I decided not to return because night marathon is just not for me. It’s not the race organiser that I hate. :)

Not only you have to battle the tiredness, you have to run through your sleepiness too! I am not a nocturnal animal. I don’t have fangs and bat wings. I prefer to run when the sun is up! ;)

Check out my Sundown experience HERE.

Note. Thank you Mohan for sharing the articles.

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