Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Exclusive: The Singapore Blade Runner Completes KL Marathon Despite Muscle Cramp

Last Sunday Singaporean Mohd Shariff Abdullah aka Singapore Blade Runner demonstrated that nobody needs two legs to run a marathon.

Born without a left foot, he wears a specialised prosthetic limb known as a "flex blade", specially designed for running long distances.

I was quite surprised to see him hobbling towards the finish line about 2 minutes past the official cut off time of 6 hours. I knew something had gone wrong because I knew this man was capable of doing a 4 1/2 hours marathon.

He looked OK and was giving two thumbs up to the photographers. But suddenly he collapsed to the ground!!!

The medical officers quickly rushed to his aid.

I managed to catch up with him later. Here’s the scoop on what happened...

1) Have you run KL Marathon before?

No, this is my first time.

2) What was your target?

My target was 4 and a half hours but my good leg was injured around 18km. I had cold muscle cramp that prevented me from running all the way. I had to resort to run and walk due to the pain. Thanks to a friend from Singapore who kept motivating me, I managed to keep going until the finish line.

3) What were your challenges in the course?

The undulating route can be challenging and tested my endurance.

4) What kept you going?

My focus and believing in myself to complete the race.

5) I saw you lying on the ground after you crossed the finish line. What was you thinking at that moment?

The pain in my good leg had me in tears. When I fell, the first thing on my mind is "THANK GOD" I have completed my mission. I have never experience this before.

6) What do you like about Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010?

I don’t care what other runners talk about the previous incident. To me it is all about well preparation for your own race. There was a lot of volunteers and cheerleading along the way.

The first-aiders were very helpful and treated me well. For instance, when I request for bandage, I was attended to immediately. The route is so awesome and not boring to run. I wish could turn back the clock and run again. :)

7) What can be improved?

Only the race pack collection. The collection place was inconvenient. If possible could it be collected at the Dataran Merdeka or perhaps via postal delivery.

8) When is your next race in Malaysia?

I will be back again for Penang Bridge International Marathon in November 2010 and if there is any invitation run, do let me know. I have a personal mission to inspire people in all walks of life to join in sports and stay healthy.

9) Do you have anything to say/message for the readers of this blog?

To all runners, keep going and always listen to your body. Do not force yourself and have a positive mindset. Always say we are 1 and we will make it happen!

You can be a fan of Singapore Blade Runner on Facebook HERE.

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Great Guy!!! Respect.



very inspiring!!



Nice interview! Gud one PTL! I find his positive attitude inspiring!



this man is the epitome of courage and determination. a champion in his own right.

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