Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nike & Polar introduce Heart Rate Training to Millions of Nike+ Runners

Q: What do you get if you marry Nike and Polar?

A: A kick ass heart rate monitor for millions of Nike+ runners!

Kuala Lumpur, (June 7th, 2010), Nike, Inc and Polar, the market leader and pioneer in heart rate training technology, have introduced the Polar WearLink®+ that works with Nike+. This new product works with the Nike+ SportBand and the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit, enabling users to run and train with heart rate monitoring for the first time.

This exciting new piece of equipment is worn comfortably round the chest and transmits the user’s heart rate wirelessly to their Nike+ iPod Sport Kit or Sportband. It will improve the training experience of Nike+ users helping them to understand how hard they are working in any given run.

Users can see their beats per minute while they run with their Nike+ SportBand, or hear spoken feedback of their BPM during their Nike+ iPod workout. And after training, heart rate data can be transferred to the web service. Users can track how long they ran in their target heart rate zone and see their heart rate progress over time.

The Polar WearLink®+ that works with Nike+ is compatible with the fifth generation iPod nano and the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit.

The soft textile chest strap seamlessly adapts to the user’s body shape, bringing full freedom of movement to the training session. The comfortable textile strap is also machine-washable and with its hook mechanism, the transmitter is just as quick to put on as it is to take off. A user replaceable battery also increases the ease-of-use.

“We are delighted to enter into this partnership with Nike”, says Marco Suvilaakso, Group Product Director at Polar. “Polar and Nike are both market leading global sports brands. Nike users around the globe can now benefit for the first time from pioneering Polar heart rate monitoring technology.

The new WearLink®+ that works with Nike+ will make accurate heart rate training available to millions of Nike+ users. It will add a new dimension to their training enabling them to train at the right intensity to achieve their goals. We anticipate this will be a very popular product.”

The Polar WearLink®+ that works with Nike+, will be available from June, 2010 beginning with the United States, Canada and major EU countries. On sale through authorized Polar retailers, Nike-owned retail stores and through the Apple Store (, the Polar WearLink®+ that works with Nike+, is sold as a Polar accessory set with a user manual.

The Polar WearLink®+ will be available in Malaysia soon.

We also do not know how much will that baby cost. Please check your friendly neighbourhood stores for details. :D

Source: Press Release from Nike.

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