Thursday, June 10, 2010

Celebratory Dinner for Adidas Ultra-Torturethon 2010 Malaysian Survivors!

Heheh! I didn't make up that title. It was on the email subject in a series of correspondence before the actual dinner.

Ultra-torturethon, they say? Hmmmm....

But whatever it is, they are now certified Ultraman & Ultrawomen of Sundown 84km Ultramanarathon! That's running 2 full marathons (42.195km) back to back!

Yesterday, I had the privilege to join a bunch of Sundown Ultramarathon finishers for a “reunion” and celebration dinner at Green View Restaurant in PJ.

They all came wearing their 84km finisher t-shirts...the ultimate bragging rights for the night. (Insert green eyed monster here)

We had this for dinner...(and few more absolutely yummy dishes...Not gonna post pics here in case this blog will be mistaken for a flog - food blog)

The advantage of being a runner, you can always run off the stuff that you stuff in, LOL!

In Cantonese, The word chau (走)(run) sounds the same as chau (酒) alcoholic beverages. So...1001 running and drinking jokes can be derived from the homonyms...LOL!

These two were busy "running" in Cantonese!

I enjoyed the food and tales shared during the dinner. Cringed at the blister popping tales while making notes of the secret coffee capsules, salt concotions and various hand-on tips on how to survive the 84km!

What? You ran 84km just for a piece of metal? :P

Medal photo courtesy of Winnie Wong.

These people are amazing! I have high regards for them! LOL!

My backside feet are itchy already to join the league. LOL! I might have to take back my word that I will not run a night marathon again after Sundown Marathon 2008.

But then again, 84km is not a marathon. So technically I don't have to take back my word....since it is gonna be an ultramarathon! Heheh!

Will I be crazy enough to do it? Que Sera Sera!....

4 Comment Wit Me:




really salute them !!

James Wong



So nice to have you with us. Great update of the blog! Hope to see you on the road next year with us at Sundown 2011!


James Wong



i also wanted to go for the dinner!!!!
*sob sob* shud try for ultra next year!!



James & Puisan...I still hv time to think about it. Let me tackle Penang 42 first. :)

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