Monday, February 28, 2011

Fox International Channels and ASTRO Celebrate the Oscars with First Exclusive "Live" HD Screening in Malaysia @ GSC Pavilion

First of all I would like to thank Mr. Chee for the invitation to watch the 83rd Academy Awards live broadcast at GSC Pavilion this morning. He has won himself a Lomo camera and a double pass for the by-invitation only screening of the most celebrated event in cinematic calendar from a contest organised by MSN Malaysia.

We were very excited to watch the show on a cinema screen, just like the way we like to watch the actors and actresses in their cinematic glory!

So much larger than life!

The event was supposed to be attended by 500 over guests including celebrities, contest winners, advertisers, media agencies and industry partners. But we think only about 200 attended it. Celebrities? Didn't spot any except for Maya Karin, who was seen leaving the hall after the show was ended.

There were plenty of empty seats in our hall. It is a shame that contest winners didn't pick up their tickets. If you can't come, please don't enter the contest and give people who actualy can make it the chance! Dammit!

The show was kicked off with a Breakfast Chat live from HK, hosted change-of-clothes-crazy VJ Lisa Selesner and dishy model Jason Godfrey. We didn't really care about them...LOL!

What's the point of dressing up in tux and evening gown when it is 8:00am in a freaking Monday morning? When they came out, that was the time to make a quick trip to the loo or to grab the free flowing popcorn from outside the hall.

There was two lucky draws...Two winners each time to take home a Lumix Camera and a Lomo Camera. These are the pictures I managed to snap.

And the lucky number is......

Someone is very happy this morning. LOL!

Anne Hathaway is kinda goofy for a host and that James Franco really look stoned from start to the end with permanent squint in his eyes! LOL! And he makes a very ugly tranny too! We don't like him as a host! Billy Crystal rocked!

Lucky draw again! Wow....This fler in orange shirt won again! He received two Lomo cameras in one morning! Lucky bast*rd! LOL!

Smile! You just won a Lumix Camera!

One of our favourite part of the show. Celine Dion performed "Smile" during the "In Memoriam" section at the Academy Awards. We heart Celine. :D

And the winner of best motion picture is.....

THE KING'S SPEECH! Yay! We have not watch the show yet but we will definitely gonna make plan to watch it very soon, along with Black Swan and The Fighter.

While the rest of the winners thanked their mothers and wives, this fler thanked his boyfriend on air. Hahah! How very sweet! :P

We enjoyed the screening of the Oscar at the cinema very much! Movie stars have to be enjoyed on the cinema screen! A small TV screen just wont do. LOL! I bet people would pay for this kinda thing! Heheh! :)

Thanks Fox International Channels and ASTRO for the awesome event!

Uh! Oh! Look what they did to the Oscars at GSC Pavilion. Deco for the buffet table! Heheh! :P

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I was there as one of the winners...boring! Should have watched it at home on 42" TV. Just the same. Pathetic crowd too. No glitz from the crowd. No wonder most celebrities did not show up. At least the winners should dress up a bit. I was actually in a coat. Most look drappy. C'mon, t-shirt and jeans for such an affair? Jesus!



I agree with Anonymous, I was there with a friend who's a winner too. I was in the toilet cubicle and heard whispers from the sponsors (either ASTRO or FOX) saying the contest winners were a pathetic looking bunch of "losers"???? Cannot dress up properly. I wanted to give them a piece of my mind. But by the time I done with my business, they've already left.


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