Monday, February 28, 2011

Exclusive: Behind the Scene of "Energizer Night Race" 2011 Photo Shoot Part 1

You must have seen this print ad in the papers already. Thanks to the generous people at Energizer, we were invited as the bloggerazzi (blogger + paparazzi) to snoop around behind the photo shoot last month.

The runners/ models (except for the three vavavoom circuit girls) were selected from those who have submitted their photos in a Facebook call out earlier. Check out the pics from the audition HERE.

The photo shoot took place at Sepang International Circuit - the same circuit where 10,000 runners are going to blast off this coming 16 April in the Energizer Night Race.

All the 20 selected runners did not have modelling experience prior to that. But that didn't stop them from getting as pretty as a model for the shoot.

...highlighting them cheekbones...LOL!

The creative team behind the shoot, getting ready for the action. Heheh!

This shoot took place right at the starting point of the coming Energizer Night Race. We can hear our heart palpating with excitement already by just being there! Imagine what it would be like to run on the track of F1 on the actual night!

Like any other photo shoots, there were plenty of takes. (Insert a gazillion snaps and flashes here). Thank God no one dropped to the ground due to seizure for photosensitivity. LOL!

Each photo taken was checked and scrutinized on a laptop screen to get that "perfect" shot.

We like this view. ;)

There were a lot of variation of takes. This one is without the front runners and the circuit girls.

The back row only. Even though they posed like crazy....they didn't get into the final ad print. :(

But they did get some $$$ token and fed nicely with briyani chicken dinner before the shoot. So, not so bad-lah!

The three runners turned models! Thanks to Energizer!

We are the Energizer Night Race Circuit Girls. Nice or not? (Batteries not included. LOL!)

Please come back for the Part 2 which will feature more behind the scene exclusive photos at the Sepang Circuit. We've got new photos for a NEW print ad! :)

Updated: Check out part 2 HERE.

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