Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photos & Review: 'Terima Kasih Cinta' @ Istana Budaya

Terima Kasih Cinta (TKC) a musical theater adaptation of a Malay movie called CINTA. I remember this movie as a cry fest when I watched few years ago! Heheh! So, it would be interesting to see how they translate the emotionally drenched scenes from the movies into theater with songs and dances!

The stage is made of six moveable gigantic cubes where all the five stories about L.O.V.E. interwine and unfold. The characters in the five stories are "colour-coded". I think it is a brilliant way to distinguished them. If all of them were to wear white as in the promo poster, those at the back would have serious problem identifying them. (Insert thumbs up for the producer)

The pink couple. (Shajiry Damery & Faradhiya)

The yellow siblings. (Anding & Deja Moss)

The blue encounter. (Latiff Ibrahim, Safura, Diddy Hirdy)

The green couple. (Vince Chong & Nadia Aqilah)

The orange family. (Tony Eusoff, Norish Karman and that little girl. Anybody know her name?)

So, what's the verdict? Did the emotional scenes from the movie translate well to Panggung Sari, Istana Budaya? I guest it worked because we saw some people in the audience wiping their eyes and some sniffling was heard too. Heheh!

I am not going to write a super duper long review. In points form, here are the things like about TKC:

1) The fantastic songlist - Dia (Sheila Majid), Gemilang (Sheila Majid again! I loike!), Cinta, Perpisahan, Sejati, Dunia Ku, Selanjur Bercinta, Janji Manismu, Itu Kamu, Seribu Impian, Belaian Jiwa dan lots more.

2) Nifty choreography to go with the songs.

3) The stellar cast members with amazing vocal pipes. (Erm...not all but some songs really gave me goosebumps!)

What we don't like about TKC: The blinding flourescent lights on the stage. It's too bright for the our eyes, especially when they are turned on after the emotional scenes. (Insert cue for tissue here) LOL!

Catch Terima Kasih Cinta at Istana Budaya by The Creative Partnership, 19 February - 6 March 2011.

For more ticketing info, click HERE.

We will post more pics from TKC soon. Please comeback for updates.

Acknowledgment: Thank you to Sultan Muzaffar for the ticket! :)

5 Comment Wit Me:



need to watch this theater!
can I ask you something. what are you rating towards these musical theater, out of 10?



Hi Limau. Rating ka? Susah nak cakap la. If you like the original movie, then you will probably like this one too. :)



Nama the little girl is MELLY.



may i know....teater ni berapa lama duration dia? ada berapa kali break?

mamma mia


watched tkc las nite... Amazing!!! Semua pelakon bole nyanyi... My rating 9/10...
Impressed la tgk budak kecik tu mnari.. Sooooo cute!!!!!

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