Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Photos & Setlist: Deftones - Live In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 14 Feb 2011


2.Engine No. 9

3.Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)

4.My Own Summer (Shove It)


6.Around the Fur

7.Digital Bath

8.Knife Party



11.Bloody Cape

12.Diamond Eyes




16.Rocket Skates

17.You've Seen The Butcher

18.Beauty School

19.Hole in the Earth


21.Change (In the House of Flies)


23.Back To School (Mini Maggit)


24.No Ordinary Love (Sade cover) (Not a complete cover.)


26.7 Words

What an impressive set list, eh? Overheard that fans had been waiting for that moment for 13 years. Thanks to Tune Talk, the fastest growing prepaid mobile service, Deftones finally rocked and rattled Kuala Lumpur last Valentine's Day.

We were there among the screaming, sweating and black wearing fans in the most pit labeled the Rock Zone. The show was indeed explosive from start to the end. I had to took shelter at the far left side of the stage fearing not for my life, but for my camera. One knock from a crazed fan could send my camera flying to the ground. Anyway, it was a more comfortable and breathe-easier spot. Not as hot, smoky and sweaty like in the middle of the pit. But the sonic assault was still the same though.

The heavy bass, the thumps of the drum, the crunchy guitars and lead singer, Chino's unmistakable guttural roars, grunts, snarls and shrieks! It was pure madness. My ears almost bled from it. LOL!

What a way to spend Valentine's Day! Enjoy the pics!

Acknowledgment: Bouquets of black roses to Tune Talk and Fat Boys for the invite and hospitality.

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They rocked.

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