Tuesday, May 02, 2006

12:45am: Hunt briefing started. We were supposed to complete 2 legs – 8 questions in each leg, plus 2 treasures and 2 challenges.

1:00am: Hunt started. Decided to split the tasks. Amy went for the challenges and I worked on the questions and treasures. The clues for treasure were very straightforward. Easy peasy.

The Treasures:

1) Get a gift from lady elephant and chimp’s outlet; Get yourself or your loved one soothing cheap; A gift or gifts for at least RM5; Just submit receipt.

Answer: A receipt from Gift Castle. I bought a Tiger mobile phone strap.

2) Bring me warts that if you look from the east will be a treasure you can break with ease.

Answer: a STRAW

The questions were not that tough but they were not in sequence. So, it was quite difficult to spot the answers, as the place was huge and crowded. Did my best but I only managed to answer 50% of the questions. (Insert sigh here!).

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