Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mission: I’m possible

Collected my prize today. A Mission: Impossble III cap and T-shirt. All black. All funky. I suspect the premiums are locally made; not as neat as the imported ones. Decided to keep the cap and give the T-shirt to BW who was so generous to invite me for Grease show last Sunday. (Ahem..more invite in the future, please...)

How do I win these super duper prizes? As usual - answer a simple question and write a slogan. The "mission impossible" that I have completed is…..getting a medal in Genting International 24 Hours Walk despite a badly sprained ankle.

It happened last October when I persisted to participate in the walk, even after a nasty fall during Putrajaya Half Marathon a week before the event.

Who would have thought that the unfortunate incident had some good in it after all. Life works in a mysterious way, eh?

(Insert Mission Impossible Theme here...Dum dum dum dum dum....)

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