Thursday, May 04, 2006

Zoom In With Sheila Majid

What? Zoom in With Sheila Majid (Live Recording)

When? 3 May 2006

Where? Auditorium Perdana, Angkasapuri.

Not many road races events in April but I was kept busy with other activities like treasure hunts and star-gazing (not those in the sky but filmstars and singers type). I managed to get 2 tickets from my RTM friends. Despite the rain in the late evening, I made my way to Angkasapuri. Sheila is one of my favourite Malaysian artiste.

Been following her career since her first album - Dimensi Baru, 20 years ago, once I was pimply-faced student. Heheh! Now, still pimply but no more a student.

At that time, I can only listen to her on radio - FM Stereo the one and only FM station then (now renamed Muzik FM). No money to buy cassette. There was no CD yet at that time until later. Sheila was the first Malaysian artiste to release an album in CD format - Warna, her third album. I love her songs. A little bit of pop, jazz and R&B blended like "ABC" Malaysian style. She is the first Malaysian artiste to release an album in Japan.

It was a recording session for Zoom In series. In the show she sang a couple of medley of her old hits from her hit albums - Dimensi Baru, Emosi, Warna, Legenda Ratu etc. Acis, her husband cum music director cum keyboardist was also on the stage. She even had her kids on stage (see insert), doing some rapping in "Kisah Rumah Tangga" (new song in her Sheila Legenda VX XX album). I was secretly singing in my heart. I know most of the lyrics. Heheh!

Sheila revealed that her schedule was so hectic she had to hire people to comb her hair. True indeed, she had two personal attendants who went up the stage at every break opportunity to comb her hair and powder her nose.

She closed the show with "Legenda", a tribute song to Tan Sri P.Ramlee (an acclaimed Malay artist) after "Sinaran". I sang along out loud too. Most people did. It was superb! The show will be aired in November. Oh no! I have to wait 6 months to see the show. But until then, I must go and get her latest reissue of Legenda CD to keep me company.

Engkaulah satu-satunya, di antara berjuta..........(You are the only one, among millions)

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