Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mini NYC Times Square

5:20pm: I took the Genting orange bus from Titiwangsa up. It was raining cats and dogs. The bus driver was doing Initial D, drifting up Genting long and winding road. It was a harrowing experience. Thank God, we didn’t end up in the ravine or the hunt that supposed to take place in Genting would be hunting for the dead bodies. Walked around the indoor theme park to familiarize myself with the place.

8:10pm: Watched firework from outside Genting Hotel. Spectacular! People were cheering, gasping and clapping with each blast. Met up with my gangs. Had dinner at Lao Di Fang (Fish head curry). Nice!

10:00-12:00am: Loitered in front of First World Hotel like refugees while waiting for the registration to start. Registered and presented with a McD voucher - 50% discount for apple pie upon purchase of a large value meal. Redeemable only at Genting McD and valid only on 1 May ! Gee…what a worthless voucher. How cheapskate!

12:00am: Event officiated by some big shots from Genting with a beat of the gong. This was followed by an annoying sing and dance show by the Genting Theme Park mascots Ally, Benny and Tabby. I was beginning to feel restless.

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