Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Exhaust Fan? No..It's a Flying Saucer!

7:30am. I took the cable car down to Awana station after a long wait at the counter. Reached the Awana station only to be told that the bus counter open at 9:00am. WTF?

9:15am bus arrived. Yippie. Back to KL finally.

The long wait for the transport home was more tiring than not having any sleep. Simply too many disjoint in the transport system from Genting to KL. Reached home. Slept whole afternoon, only to wake up for dinner.

Will I ever do the Genting midnight hunt again? Definitely NOT if they have those freaking flying saucers for prizes. Let just put it this way – unless the prizes are good, this hunt is simply not worth losing your sleep for. (Yes. Pun intended here!)

As if....

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