Saturday, May 20, 2006

Running to the Cinema

Run, Forrest Run! Oops! Wrong movie...heheh!

I love summer blockbusters. I book my tickets in advance. I watch the shows on the opening nights. I bought large popcorn and drink combos. I play spot the running scenes in the movies. Here are my takes:

M:I:III –Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) ran in a haphazard and crowded ancient Chinese village to save his lil’ wifey. What the hey is the rabbit foot, anyway?

Poseidon – Opens with Dylan Jones (Josh Lucas) having his running fix on the deck, before the camera zoom out to reveal the titanic (ahem!) size of the Poseidon ship.

Da Vinci Code – John Langdon (Tom “Run, Forrest Run” Hank) & Sophie Neveu running away from the French Police, the Opus dei fler, etc. This is one massive treasure hunt to seek the truth! My true confession: I have yet to finish the paperback I started a year ago. (Insert sheepish smile here).

Over The Hedge – My favorite character – Hammy, the squirrel. This lil fler is an impossibly fast runner, especially after the caffeine fix. Hilarious! Go watch all the lil critters running around and away from the crazy old spinster, from the Verminator, from a fierce but playful dog and from a hungry grizzly bear. Two thumbs up!

There are more to come. I bet there will be more running scenes in XMen 3: The Last Stand, The Omen 666, Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, etc. Not sure if the are running scenes in Superman Returns though….Can’t imagine a man running with his red undies outside…Heheh!

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