Sunday, May 28, 2006

I was quite relieved when I saw the sea. I knew the finished line was near. The last couple of kms were nice and scenic. Gone were the chicken feed smell and Petronas tankers. Loved the Casuarina trees along the beach. I passed the finish line without knowing my timing as my watch had ran out of battery. (Insert Hmmmm……here)

Gossipwitme (Part 1)

I heard J.Low completed the race with a dramatic finish. As she worked her way to the finish line, she slowly took off her vest revealing her dark brown sport bra. She then collapsed to the ground right after she crossed the finish line. I wish I were there to capture the whole sequence in slow motion. All the Harimau Satu boys quickly rushed to her aid, pouring water on her and carrying to safety. Wow! What a finish, right? (Insert Hmmmm……….and nosebleed here).

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