Monday, May 08, 2006

Clowns, Band and Balloons

Took a Metro Bus downtown. I reached Datarn Merdeka about 7:00am. The Bomba run has yet to start. Didn’t see any familiar faces. Slowly, I jogged to Padang Merbok where Asthma Run was held.

My spirit was a bit damped when I see the muddy Padang Merbok. I was told it rained heavily in KL the night before. Sharks I was wearing my WHITE Saucony shoes! To register, we had to wade in one inch thick of mud. And our “genius” organizers had to put the START/FINISH banner right smack in the muddy field. Brainless bunch I would say.

The jogathon were scheduled to start at 8:30am. I still had plenty of time. So, I jogged to Bank Negara to get a glimpse of the Bomba Run. Took some photographs and then made a U turn back.

The jogathon started promptly at 8:30am after a “spectacular” aerobic session led by this old uncle warming up to some “feng-tau” music. Yeah! It was kinda fun stomping and stretching in the mud. NOT! My poor white shoes!

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