Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Wantan Mee for Supper..and prize presentation

4:00am. Result time. Tan and Ng won the 15th prize. Not bad for their first hunt. Beginner’s luck. Heheh! From there, we knew that we would have some sort of placing. True enough we were in the top 10! What did we win? (Insert extra terrestrial yawn here!) A flying saucer! One freaking flying saucer. WTF? It has “Stock clearance stuff” written all over it. You know, those uncool stuff that nobody wanted to buy, and rather than throwing it to the dustbin, why not give it away as the Genting Treasure Hunt prizes?

What are we supposed to do now? Phone ET and asked him to bring another flying saucer? Anyway, I gave the prize to Amy for the hard work rendered during the challenges. The prizes for the lucky draws were more attractive than those freaking flying saucers. They get souvenir hampers. Didn’t expect such CHEAPSKATE prizes from Genting, the same company who made billions from the casino and theme park business. Enough grumbling, I should be happy to have a placing. After all, it is the experience that counts. Heheh!

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