Saturday, December 23, 2006

Beautiful Sunrise @ Angkor Wat, before the start of the AWIHM Posted by Picasa

17 Dec 2006 – Der day I have been wanting for! I arranged our tuk-tuk driver to pick us up at 5:00am for the sunrise at Angkor Wat. I had to pay a surcharge of USD3 on top of a day hire of USD10.

The tuk-tuk driver was puzzled when we all turned up in shorts and vests, while he was all wrapped up in a jacket. He advised us to wear something warmer. As I didn’t bring a jacket, I just wore a T-shirt on top of my vest.

It was a cold morning. It got even colder as our tuk-tuk started moving. Bbbbbrrrrrrr…..I could feel all the hairs on my legs stood up. Heheh!

It was still dark when I reached Angkor Wat. The moon was still up there in the sky. Gingerly, I walked into Angkor Wat. As it was dark, I had to rely on others’ torch lights to lead the way. I headed to the lotus pond and waited. Had to jump around at times to avoid freezing to death. Heheh!

At about 6:00am, the sky beginning to lit up. Hues of purple, orange and red decorated the sky behind the unmistakable Angkor Wat towers. Lovely!

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