Saturday, December 23, 2006

Mr.Bear finishing the AWIHM Posted by Picasa

The run finished at Angkor Wat. I was shocked when I didn’t see the Championchip mat when I cross the finished line.What??? They said there was a power failure and they had removed the mat. Then, another blow - No medal! What TF??? Then, another blow - No printed certificate! No electricity. TNS!!!! I felt so disappointed, heart broken. (Insert sobbing here!)

I certainly didn’t pay my hard earned USD40 for this! Anyway, the only consolation to my broken heart is that the money will go to charity (it better be) and the running experience in the World Heritage Site is really priceless. I calmed down when I saw the guy in the bear suit happily swagger towards the finish line. Heheh! I did beat the bear!

After the AWIHM, a quick shower and breakfast, I headed back to spend the rest of the day exploring the sprawling landscape of Angkor. Truly one of the more amazing places I have ever seen.

The Summary:

What kept our motors running?

1) Run for a great cause – to support landmine victims and AIDS prevention/ education.

2) It started and ended at Angkor Wat – great place to view sunrise before the run starts.

3) One of the most scenic runs that I have ever participated. We passed by most of the remarkable ancient ruins in the “small circuit of Angkor”

4) Great sunny weather with cool breeze. (Not humid at all)

5) Lots of supporters along the route. Most of them were waiting to give you a hi-five, especially the kids.

6) Kids offering little souvenirs like bracelet to you. Aw…How Sweet!

7) Adequate water station

8) Clear distance markers and directions.

9) The great Khmer food after the run. (Not provided by the organizer but we just love Khmer food especially the Loklak and Amouk)

What rub our nipples the wrong way?

1) Eve dinner started 1 ½ hour late.

2) No medal (Even though it was stated in the confirmation e-mail that all finishers are entitled to a commemorative finisher medal each)

3) No timing. No chip, No time. But I have a chip, but no timing due to blackout (no electricity). Don’t they have a spare generator or something?

4) No printed certificate with timing. (No electricity)

5) Dusty road. (Especially when big vehicles like tour buses passed by).

6) No baggage storage area. We had to leave our stuff in our tuk-tuk.

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