Monday, December 04, 2006

TNS - Bus Brokedown Posted by Picasa

After dinner, passed Yong Peng, we had a rude shock when our bus driver suddenly stopped the bus and ran to the back of the bus. We saw thick smoke bellowing from the back. And he locked us inside. This is not away to die, man!

After an hour or so, we were informed that it was not a life-threatening situation. Some belt broke and the friction had case thick smoke. The bus continued the journey and we started to pray all the way. The bus made another few stops for inspection but no thick smoke was seen (phew!).

For those who plan to travel from Singapore-KL, please avoid ALISAN EXPRESS from Golden Mile Complex. Smoke coming out from the bus (apart from the exhaust pipe) is totally NOT ACCEPTABLE. They should do preventive maintenance and check the bus before the journey. Putting passengers life at risk is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

We arrived in KL way passed midnight. That was the last time I am going to ride with that ALISAN bus company.

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