Monday, December 04, 2006

Woo..Hoo...Feel The Euphoria Posted by Picasa

BW, John, KK and I took a cab to the starting point from Chinatown. It cost us less than SGD5. What amused us was the driver's tendency to blurt out expletives as fast as bullet. (Don't ask)

Anyway, we arrived safely at the Esplanade area. I was impressed with toilet facility here! So many portable toilets. Could be hundreds of them. (Thumb up to the organiser). Later in the run, I noticed that that there were at least 2 portable toilets at each water station. I think the organiser had too prepare for it or risk "flash flood" everywhere.

There marathoners were set off at 6:00am while we half-er had to wait another 30 minutes. I was feeling excited and worried at the same time. Cold sweat started to pour out from my pores.

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