Monday, December 04, 2006

So Sick-a-pore

My Life Savers - Bye Bye Fever patches, antibiotics, Uphamols and Water. Posted by Picasa

I was worried that I need to cancel this trip. I wasn't feeling my best after the 12 hours walk. I guess I must have gotten a chill from sleeping on the cold marble floor at the hall. I experienced fever every night. At times I was burning inside. At times I could feel that I was trapped in a freezer. I have seen doctor three times in a week. The first two time, they loaded me with fever pills and antibiotics. Seeing the condition has not improved, I went back to my panel clinic for another check up. The doctor told me that I have got a serious throat infection - with pus (yuck!) and all. I was placed under a stronger new antibiotic treatment and was given an antibiotic jab at the butt. (Why can't they jab me on the arm instead?) More paracetamol was prescribed. The doctor told me that as long as the infection didn't subside, I would experience fever throughout. His advise - take 2 fever medication every four hours. When I told the doctor that I would be going to Singapore on that night for you know what, I could see utter shock of disbelieve in his eyes.

I meet up with the rest of the gang at KL Sentral on Friday night. Initially I have booked a seated ticket (for cost reason), however due to my health, I had to get another sleeping birth ticket. Thank god, BW managed to get a ticket for me last minute. The train left on time at 10:00pm. As it started to move, I began to eat my dinner - McD Chicken porridge in the train.

After dinner, I could feel my temperature was rising. I immediately slapped a "ByeByeFever" patch on my forehead and downed two Uphamol with water. Lights out.

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