Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dinner supposed to start at 5:30pm but it did not, until 1 1/2 hr later. Yawn! Posted by Picasa

At the half marathon eve dinner (my very first one, I must say), we were seated in front of a bunch of Japanese runners comprising of housewives and one young chap. The conversation revolved around running. (What else can we runners talk about? Heheh!). Running is a very popular sport in Japan. The young chap (can’t remember his name) has a PR of 3 hr for a full marathon. He ate a plate of rice, vegetable and fruit only, even though it was a buffet. We, on the other hand, pigged out like nobody’s business at the buffet spread. Heheh!

There were speeches (in Japanese and Khmer) and copies of the translated speeches were available at the table. There was clapping. There were toasts. There were more speeches. I felt like I was in Japan, not Cambodia.

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