Monday, December 04, 2006

The "Singapore can't spell" Medal Posted by Picasa

Despite my sickness, I think I enjoyed my experience running the SC half marathon. Again, Singapore has proven that when it comes to marathon, theirs is one of the best in the region.

What kept our motor running?

1) Overall very well organized run and great fun-filled carnival atmosphere.

2) Adequate portable toilets.

3) Fantastic gym bag. It was a welcomed change as I have got a lot of “shoe bags” from previous Singapore runs. I ran out of shoes to put them in. Heheh!

What got on our nipples?

1) The vest size. Gods knows why I can fit an “S” and still have room for a chicken. The “S” should be an “L”, I think. Adidas…please understand your target market, which is we – the runners. If you can’t size us well, how do we expect we to look good in Adidas. If we don’t look good in Adidas, how do you expect us to buy Adidas? I’d go for Nike anytime.

2) The marathon expo was held one week before the marathon. We oversea runners couldn’t join the fun. That sucks!

3) The spelling error on the medal. Where got such word as “commerating”? Speak Singlish izzit? What a shame to let that “boo boo” slip into a national event medal. Seriously, the correct word should be “commemorating”. My English teacher should be proud. Heheh!

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