Monday, January 18, 2010

Action Packed Photos @ New Balance - Pacesetters 30K 2010

What? New Balance - Pacesetters 30K Run Where? Padang Merbok, KL When? 17 Jan 2010 How far? 30, 20 & 10K Who? Organised by New Balance & Pacesetters.

I was there to support my friends and to play photograher. :)

The starting area for 10K event was quite dark. But it didn't appear as such in this photo. The wonder of long exposure. :)

Nothing much to write about since I didn't actually run this. So, check out the photos!

This is my attempt to capture the facial expressions of the runners at the finish line....

The struggle. The joy. The magic of running! :)

Chase 1.

Chase 2.

Final dash!

I can beat ya!

What's an action packed post without the babe, eh?


1Malaysia? Erm...maybe not.

In this run, I also noticed there were a few runners who finished the race holding hands. How very sweet! :D

Man & Woman. In National Geographic, the male bird species usually try to lure the female for mating by displaying colourful feathers. But I'm not sure if this is the case here. LOL!

Man & Man 1.

Man & Man 2.

Woman & Woman. But what's with the hankies? LOL!

Check out the chocolate bar shaped medal. Hahah! I must be hungry.

Back view.

There are too many photos that I wanted to share but I do not want the blog post to be choked with photos, so I prepared a slide show. Click play!


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