Saturday, January 16, 2010

Natasha Hudson @ Konsert Cosmic Alibi

I first saw her in Chermin, a Malay horror flick a few years ago. "Pretty" watchable. :)

I was plesantly surprised to see her at the Konsert Cosmic Alibi. This concert was organised to showcase the 11 artistes signed under the newly formed Alibi Music.

Actually, I attended the concert to support Dayang Nurfaizah. Just happened that I also get to meet so many "happening" local acts, including Natasha.

Now, Natasha has joined a legion of actors/ models who turned singers.

From the first listen, her music kinda reminds me of Natalie Imbruglia, an actress/ model turned successful singer. Very guitar laden.

I love the song. Catchy hook, jangly guitars and exotically blended with some Chinese musical instruments.

But what I do not know what is the song title. Neither the emcee nor the singer announce it. Well, actually, it happened to almost all the performances that night. Not everyone get the media kit, you know!

Maybe it's something the organiser/ record label can improve on. How are we going to request a song if we do not know the title, ah?

After the concert, we get to mingle with the artistes under the Alibi Music Sdn Bhd. Here are some shots with the fans.

Can Natasha really sing or is she just another pretty face with a mouth that moves? You be the judge. Click play to see her singing debut.


More photos and post from the concert coming soon. I have got some interesting stuff from ANOTHER actor turned singer. :)

Please comeback for updates.

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