Saturday, January 02, 2010

Saucony Pacemakers Network Run 2010 (Part 1 of 2)

What? Saucony Pacemakers Network Run 2010

When? New Year Day 01.01.10

Where? Lake Garden

Who? Organised by Pacemakers Network. Sponsored by Saucony.

How far? For guys - 12.32km (3.08km x 4 loops) and girls - 9.24km (3.08km x 3 loops)

Volunteering for my first event this year! Been volunteering for these race since I do not know when. I didn't have much sleep. Had a rare time catching up with my friends from college after the New Year countdown.

I took a long walk from my friend's house where I put up a night in Bukit Bintang to Lake Garden. Stopped in Lebuh Ampang for a cup of Kopi-O to perk the day up! So, I was more than "warmed up" when I reached the start point.

Meet the girls you met before the run (for timing chip) and after the run (for medal and goodies!)

The events by Pacemmakers Network always "sold out" long before the race day. No difference with this one. I could see the number of runners keep growing from rac to race! Congrats Pacemakers Network! What a start for 2010, eh?!

Small race, International timing chip! :D

(From left) Kelvin Ng (Race Boom Box), Wong Kei Meng (Race Director cum timekeeper) and Ronnie See (Race Supervisor). Erm....What's wrong with Ronnie See? LOL!

I usually would record the must have, flag off and the prize presentation. In between, I am free to explore and shoot runners doing their actions....

We were blessed with excellent clear weather! I think the execution of the run was almost flawless. No baton throwing fit this time. LOL! The run ended on time, about 10am....Got some time to catch some zzzz....before I started to edit the videos.

The true blue volunteers. These are the people who made the Pacemaker Network Run a possibility.

Check out part one of the video. I called it the CRAZY FROG CLIMB! Runners had to a crazy climb up a 170-steps stairway up to the Tun Razak Memorial Building EACH loop!

A couple of days earlier, the race captain/ supervisor, PM1 Ronnie See suggested a few song for the video. He even sent me some mp3 files. Among others - Mimpi by Malaysian idol, Daniel Lee (Yawn!) and a Greek song called Emeis Oi Dyo San Ena(Sabai Remix). LOL! Didn't know that Ronnie's song taste is so eclectic! I picked the the most "fun" one.

I had fun editing the video, hope you have fun watching it too.

Caution: Please do not adjust your monitor. :P


Watch out for Part 2. More exciting video coming soon.

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