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Ne-Yo Year Of The Gentleman Tour - Live in Kuala Lumpur Photos and Video Clips

What? Ne-Yo (Live in Kuala Lumpur)

Where? Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach, Malaysia

When? 7 January 2010

Who? Organised by Phuture Phlow

Thanks to Auntie Man, we got two free tickets to watch Ne-Yo. Auntie Man couldn't make it because she was still limping due to a snatch robbery incident last week. :(

So, this post is dedicated to Auntie Man. Hope the photos and the videos will help to ease some pain caused by sh*tfaced ci-toot snatch thieves.

The event was held at Sunway Lagoon Surf beach. The drained out the beach for the concert. So, we were like standing in a dry swimming pool! LOL!

The backdrop of the stage is the stunning world famous Sunway Lagoon Hotel & Resort building.

I arrived at Sunway Lagoon around 7pm. The crowd already started to build up. Waited for a friend of Auntie Man, Deanna to pass her the extra ticket. We were allowed into the venue around 7:30pm.

Show was opened by Najwa. (Thank god, no Reshmonu! LOL!) She is a talented singer with a booming voice. But we Malaysians didn't seem to appreciate opening acts. Very impatient lot. I heard a lots of boos and mock yawns around me! LOL!

Advise to concert promoter, save your money on opening acts. They are likely to be boo-ed off stage than appreciated. There are other avenues to promote new artistes. Otherwise, keep it to just 2 songs, max! We don't pay to WAIT for the main act! Sad but true. LOL!

Then, Ne-Yo came to save the day night, literally. The opening was set like an ER scene. Ne-Yo resuscitated the music scene with his "sonic" defibrillator...(Insert electic zap here!)

...And came the tribute to Michael Jackson. The crowd roared!

Ne-Yo performed his strings of hits among others - Because of You, Sexy Love, When You're Mad, Go On Girl, Miss Independent, Mad etc.

Some songs I am not familiar with. Anybody has the official set list?

He was sweating buckets! It was so hot and humid. I was sweating buckets too! We all did! Ne-Yo joked that he would lost few lbs because of the heat! But he said the sweat was worth it because of us! LOL!

Another reason Ne-Yo sweat buckets! LOL!

Introducing....Miss Jadyn Maria.

She sang a couple of songs, one of it was Good Girls Like Bad Boys. We actually want to see more of her. She's HOT! LOL!

FYI, Jadyn was the first artist signed to Ne-Yo's Compound Entertainment label.

Fu-Yoh! Floor excercise in session. LOL!

The simple and bare stage. Ne-Yo filled it up with his amazing vocals and dance moves.

I was standing to a bunch of young guys and they knew all the words to each and every song played! Amazing!

Some drama on stage. Ne-Yo was not the one kissing the bride. It's a prelude to So Sick!

This is what Ne-Yo might have seen from the stage. The view of the Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach Volcano.

He is no diva but he needed a change of clothes. He swapped his black shirt with a white one. But all the gurls at the back kept telling him to "take it off." LOL!

Peace to everyone!

Later, Ne-Yo took of his white shirt. I think Ne-Yo was aware of Malaysia's strict censorship rule and decided to keep his vest on.

More dancing!

Getting Closer. Pun intended. LOL!

Concert ended around 11pm with Closer. Bye bye Ne-Yo!

Check out the videos. So Sick is my favourite Ne-Yo song! Can't get "that stupid love song" out of my head! Yup! Love the horn section! :)

I have inserted Ne-Yo's guarantee - that was not the last time we gonna see him in Malaysia! Maybe next time he should demand for a air-conditioned venue. LOL!

Ne-Yo performed a strings of hits medley, song written by himself, made famous by hot artistes like Beyonce (Irreplacable), Rihanna (Take A Bow), Mario (Let Me Love You) and Jennifer Hudson (Spotlight).

I enjoyed myself tremendously at the concert! Ne-Yo has proven that he is not only a talented singer songwriter but he can rock the stage too!

We are looking forward to seeing this gentleman in KL again. :D

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