Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SPCA Charity Gala 2010 - Black Solid Gold

What? SPCA Charity Gala 2010 - Black Solid Gold

Where? Shangri-La Grand Ballroom.

When? 10 Jan 2010; 8:00pm

Who? Organised by Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Selangor.

Why? To raise fund for SPCA Selamgor.

It was raining cats and dogs in Sunway when I was about to leave my house. Funny that the event I was about to leave home for was all about cats and dogs. LOL!

To cut the story short, I arrived at the Shangri-La safely albiet a little wet. I went to the staff room with Marianne and helped packed some of the goodies bags. Nicole and Anum of SPCA were already there glammed up with their 80's dresses. :)

Packging the goodies bags.

The goodies bag. Something good for the guests and their pets too!

The SPCA Selangor workers getting ready for the night by putting on neckties.

FYI, the specially designed neckties (by Belgian designer, Sandra Knuyt) with colourful motives of cats and dogs are available for sale at SPCA. All proceeds will go to SPCA Selangor.

The ticket for the gala, also doubled as the lucky draw ticket. Luck was not on my side that evening, otherwise that RM1000 fengshui hamper from Lilian Too would me mine. I must have face the wrong good luck direction. LOL!

Outside at the foyer, SPCA merchandise like T-shirts, umbrellas, notepads, etc were selling like hotcakes.

The Grand Ballroom of Shangri-La was packed! Amazing support for the cats and dogs at SPCA. There was a magic show, auctions and lucky dips for the guests.

A "Lou Sang" ceremony to celebrate Chinese New Year (CNY). Aren't we a bit kiasu? CNY is a month away. LOL!

Elizabeth Wong (MP of Bukit Lanjan) was one of the veeps. (extreme left)

Kudsia Kahar was the emcee. Stunning, eh?

There was also a video presentation of SPCA. We get to learn about the 6 Key Pillars of SPCA Selangor.

Reve (L) and Marianne. Two die-hard SPCA volunteers who appeared in the video. :)

Former member of The Platters (Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Only You), Donnie Radford was the highlight of the evening. He took the stage and rocked the guests with throwbacks to the Solid Gold era. (Insert big hair, big shoulder pads and glitters here)

Aoooou....There's a shewolf in the closet. (Insert Shakira hit song here)

L-R: Sharon, Kudsia Kahar and Jacinta Johnson.

Now the video. Watch the fun "Black Solid Gold" performance from Donnie Radford, including a duet with one of the VIP guests in the audience.


Acknowledgment: SPCA for the delightful invitation to the gala. Also bouquet of thanks to Marianne as the (ahem!) photographer's manager. LOL!

Please visit and support the furry friends at SPCA Selangor. More info HERE.

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