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Famemas @ Majils Meraikan Kontinjen Malaysia Ke Sukan SEA XXV 2009 Laos

What? Majils Meraikan Kontinjen Malaysia Ke Sukan SEA XXV 2009 Laos

Where? Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC)

When? 12 Jan 2010.

Who? Organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Why? To celebrate the success of the Malaysia Contingent to LAOS SEA Games and to give away incentive awards to the gold medallists.

Famemas was given 20 invitations for this event. Since, I was free, I gladly accepted it. The event was held at Dewan Perdana, PICC.

Opening gambit featuring martial arts.

The emcees. Hasbullah Awang and some girl. Hahah! Sorry I don't know her name.

Famemas, the Malaysian athlete supporters group are all ready :)

We all have voracious appetite of a tiger!

A view of the Dewan Perdana. Grandeur, isn't it?

While we stuff out faces with kari ayam, sambal udang, lamb chop etc, we were entertained by local boyband, RuffEdge. Click HERE to see one of their performance.

Wira-wira 1Malaysia. (1Malaysia Champions)

Malaysia finished fourth in the overall standings at the Laos SEA Games with a total medal haul of 40-40-59. Syabas!

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced that the government has agreed to review and raise the cash incentives for athletes. Those who excelled in their respective sports could look forward to better rewards soon. (Insert ka-ching sound effect here)

Najib also announced that the government would contribute RM10mil to "revive" the dying-but-now-seems-to-be-kicking-back Malaysia football scene.

Yup! We are proud of the new Malaysian footballers who bagged gold in Laos Games.

Zaquan and Zafuan, the twin celebrity footballers.

This is Teoh Boon Lim. He got featured here because is a walker! More relevant to this blog. It is a running/ walking blog anyway. :)

He won his third Sea Games gold medal in the men’s 20km walk in the Laos SEA Games. (Insert applause here!)

Boon Lim "walked" home (pun intended. LOL!) with some cool cash. How much? See photo.

Under the current incentive scheme, a SEA Games gold medallist will get RM5,000. An additional RM1,000 is given for breaking a Games record.

More Boon Lim's success story HERE.

Swimmer, Daniel Bego became the biggest recipient of the Laos SEA Games incentive awards given out by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yesterday. He is RM29, 000 richer!!! Congrats! I don't have the pic but you can watch it in the video later. :)

Now, how did our "beloved" First Lady got so tall suddenly. Note: It's not photoshop!

Ta da!

I can tell you that she would do anything to stay at the top. Heheh!

After the award ceremony, we get the chance to rub shoulders and snap photographs with our athletes.

I can't tell... Is this Zaquan or Zafuan? LOL! Wait, the one with the mole is Zaquan!

Mr. Lee, Famemas club president updating us on the next events. Coming soon - KL Dragons vs Singapore (basketball) & Proton Malaysian Open Badminton Super Series.

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Famemas for extending the invites to the members for this free lunch. :) Also to Mr. Lee for the free ride to Putrajaya. :) The best things in life are free!

Here's the video presentation. Watch the snippets of the "1 Malaysia in Sport" grand opening gambit and the award presentation. Also watch out for some scenes you never get to watch in national TV. Don't blink! (Insert wink here!)


Support our Malaysian athletes by becoming part of the cheer team in Famemas. For more info, please click

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