Friday, January 29, 2010

Community Chinese New Year - Cultural Night For The Needy @ Sunway Pyramid

What? Community Chinese New Year - Cultural Night For The Needy

Where? Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

When? 28 Jan 2010

Why? Ang Pow and CNY Goodies for the underprivileged old folks and children.

It's a project by YB Loh Gwo-Burne (MP of Kelana Jaya). While I was passing the concourse area, I saw some people arranging the chairs for this event earlier in the morning. So, I returned at 6:00pm for some shots.

Here they are....

Gwo-Burne arrived quite early actually, I saw him having a cuppa Starbucks! LOL!

Too bad, Gwo-Burne sounded like a broken record when he apologized on behalf of other LATE VIPs for the event. Yeah! Yeah! Blame it on the traffic! If other people could be on time, why not them? :P

Yang Berbahagia Datuk Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

The show started after the speeches with a lion dance.

Followed by a lively CNY songs performance with Chinese musical instrument.

Then the show got HOTTER and got the crowd going....


Blind folded threesome.

Girls on harvest.

Please la. No...No...Don't so humsup la!

Chinese cabaret. Bare midriff. Sexy costume. Watch all the granpas' glasses steamed up! LOL!

Proudly displaying their "cockroach tummies and bee waists" - a compliment in Chinese, meaning they've got flat tummies and small waistlines. :)

Leo the Lion pretending to be Choy San (God of Prosperity)

Leo's a hit with the kids. :)

Group pic after the ang pows and CNY goodies have been distributed out to the old folks and kiddies.

One more for the camera.

Watch snippets of the performance and mass CNY Greeting to usher the Year of the Tiger!


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NISHIO wishes everyone happy chinese new year.



very nice of the YB to take care these needy ppl

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