Monday, May 31, 2010

Relay for Life KL 2010

What? Relay For Life KL 2010

Where? Padang C, MSN Training Stadium

When? 29 May (6pm) to 30 May (10am) 2010

Who? Organised by National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM)

Why? To celebrate cancer survivorship and raise fund for NCSM cancer awareness projects.

How long? 16 Hours

That evening started wet! As I was about to step out from my house, it poured and poured from the sky! But, I was not gonna let a little wetness bother me. So I put on my slippers and took the umbrella out.

On the way to the commuter station KTM, I got drenched by an inconsiderate driver who zoom passed a puddle of water by the roadside. I told myself, "a little more wetness is not going to kill me...." and moved along.

I switched from KTM kommunter to Rapid LRT at Bandar Tasik Selatan. Bought the ticket and happily waited for the LRT to arrived.

30 minutes passed without the signs of the train! Then the loud speaker blared something about train being late because of technical faults! So, I have no choice but to wait along with hundred over stranded passengers like me!

My pants which were dripping from the earlier incident were now almost dried when the train service was re-up! The time was already 7:30pm. I had certainly missed the opening and the survivor lap! Nevermind. My consolation was that I still could make it to the Luminaria Ceremony.

The sky was already dark when i reached the MSN training stadium. I quickly registered myself and the walked to the field where the RFL was held.

First stop, Celebrity Station! :)

The field was like a huge mega mud pit! Wet, slimy and sticky! My slippers got stuck in the mud like a hundred times no matter how careful I tread around the field. But then I told myself, "A little bit of mud won't kill you! At least the rain had stop!"

The celebrities present obviously were not too bother with the muddy field either. There were seen taking pics with fans. A little donation of RM3 entitled you for a snapshot with your favourite celebrity!

So, I took pictures with Amber Chia and Thanuja. (The first pic of this post). Mom-to-be, Amber Chia looked radiant like a million dollar with a glowing tiara on her head. LOL! Not bad a deal eh? Two and 1/2 for a price of one.

Amber behind you!

Was sneaky Lan Pet Pet up to no good? Heheh! Not really, he was very supporting of the cause. :)

Among other celebrities I spotted are....

Malaysian Idol (1st Season), Jaclyn Victor.

Bernie Chan (right) busy with the Luminaria.

Singer Atilia busy selling for glowing and blinking toys for charity.

Marina Mahathir was there too!

I didn't manage to take pics of Yasmin Yusuf who looked exteremely busy in the Celebrity Station. I also bumped into Niki Cheong, "social media advocate" with his dirty toes and all, lending support in raising cancer awareness. Sorry no pic.

Niki disappeared before could say Cheong Peck Beng. Heheh! That's his real name BTW. Heheh, some of info that I got by watching Project ALPHA, an online TV program that highlights some famous Malaysian bloggers.

It was muddy too at the food station. You can buy food coupon and exchange it with mouth watering delicacies for charity.

About 8:40pm, the symbolic Luminaria ceremony took place in which survivors are honoured and those who have not survived are remembered.

FYI, Luminaria are small paper bags which are decorated by participants and then filled with sand and a single tea light candle which will be lit in the remembrance of those who have passed on.

This is the BEFORE picture....

The AFTER picture....

During the Luminaria Ceremony, the track was emptied from participants until the torchbearers led the procession.

Here's the script which was read during the Luminaria Ceremony. It was a touching script and I feel obliged to share with you all. The Luminaria were lighted accordingly according to the dedication dictated by the script.

We come together today to renew our fight against cancer through Relay For life and to celebrate our efforts thus far.

One aspect of this celebration is to honour those touched by cancer who were, and important part of our lives.

Cancer has no preference. It strikes the young, the old, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, best friends, old friends and dear friends.

Firstly we would like to honour those who have left us and whose MEMORY we cherish tonight. Those honouring a family member lost to cancer, we invite you to please light your luminaria now.

Those honouring a friend, colleague lost to cancer, we invite you to please light your luminaria.

This light represents the love we shared. It still burns for others to see, but it burns the brightest in our hearts and in our souls. You were and will always be a part of us.

Now, we invite all of you to light your luminaria for those who are currently fighting the battle or who have won.

We light these candles in recognition of your journey and as our continued promise to share the fight. These lights glow in honours of all of you today!

Ladies and Gentlemen, now let us take a moment of silence.

After the Luminaria Ceremony, everyone was invited to join the procession, walk with a cancer survivor, walk among to Luminaria and reflect on all they represent - life and memories....

While we walked in the procession, there were number of dedications being read out which WE CELEBRATE, REMEMBER and FIGHT BACK!

RFL is an international event mooted by the American Cancer Society. It is held in 22 countries and has raised a billion dollars to support programs at eliminating cancer. Approximately 6,500 people registered for the KL edition - comprising cancer survivors, caregivers and general public.

The relay is a 16 hour walk within the stadium track, whereby the walk symbolizes the continual fight against cancer and that individuals with cancer do not have to walk alone. Participants can walk individually or as teams for a short period or over rge whole night in staggered times. The main aim is that within the 16 hours the track should never be devoid of people walking.

Surely, the track was wet, muddy and dirty! It was ugly. And cancer is an ugly disease.

But that didn't stop us from fighting and walking the journey. Cancer cannot take our spirit. The sucess of a person's fight against cancer is not measurd by life or death but in their fight!

Let's us join he fight against cancer with HOPE in out hearts and minds that we will beat this disease together. :)

After walking a couple of rounds in the stadium, I hopped over to the next door stadium for this....(After a taking a major bath for my legs. LOL!)

I don't want to waste the ticket which I have won from a Twitter contest by AirAsia.

Not everyday that we get to see one of the greatest Indonesian singers in action. Even though I missed first half of her show, I must indeed be thankful, despite the rain, the train delay and the sloshy mud field, I get to enjoy such a beautiful performance fro such a beautiful songstress. :)

Rossa was backed by 30 strong orchestra led by Yovie Widianto. Konsert Melodi Cinta Rossa also featured two favourite bands of Malaysians and Indonesians alike, Ungu and ST12. :)

What a night to remember! :)

Acknowledgement: Thank you to Elizabeth and Meem of NCSM for providing all the information I needed for this post.

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Eh? Relay for life including a concert with Rossa? Wahh ... Did this last year, missed it this year due to Sundown. Enjoyed it heaps though.

That photo with slippers is to show off you manicured feet ah?

Niki Cheong


Good seeing you there mate :)

Will I see you at the KL Marathon also?

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