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Konsert Alibi Kosmik - Photos and Video Clips

What? Konsert Cosmic Alibi or Alibi Kosmik or whatever! Where? Wisma Bentley, Damansara Mutiara. When? 15 Jan 2010

Alibi Music is a new music label established under the Metadome Sdn Bhd's umbrella, along with Alibi TV and Alibi Pictures.

The concert was held to launch the new logo of the company and to introduce the 11 new artistes signed with Alibi Music.

I received a free ticket allocated for Dayang Nurfaizah's fans. On that Friday, Alyn, Judd, Ieta, Yazid, Tushee, Balay and many more DN fans turned up for the show. See how happy Dayang was to see us! LOL!

Muka-muka seposen. Waiting for the door to open. The show was scheduled at 8:00pm but at 8:45pm we were still not allowed to go in by the skinny bouncers at the doors! (Insert sigh here!)

At around 9:00pm, we were finally let in. The auditorium was packed to the brim and they got no seats left for us! Anyway, I managed to find myself a seat near the wall while the rest of my friends were "invited" to the front, sitting on the floor!

Here are some pictures to share. Hope you like them.

Wangi & Zizie of The Fabulous Cats.

Pow! Girl power!

The emcee of the night, Nana.

I feel that the introduction to the artistes could have been better, As I mentioned in my post earlier, there was no annoucement of the song titles to the audience. We could only see the names of the performing artistes on the screen. It would be great to announce the song writers as well. Just my own observations. :)

Anyway, the show was fantastic and fresh!

Liyana Jasmay with Aku Jatuh Cinta.

Dayang with Sayang. Hey, it rhymes!

Marsha - performed an acoustic intro of her song, Tak Perlu Selamanya with the keyboard before blasting in to the full blown song. Check out the video later!

Ezlynn rocking it out with the guys from Hujan.

Sleeq from Singapore. Very sleek indeed! Charmed the pants of the girls at the show! LOL!

Now you see him.....

Now you don't...Heheh! Nabil doing a halimunan (invisible) trick.

Dynda. All girls group from Singapore with their highly choreographed moves and harmonious vocals.

Did I mention, they are booty-licious too? LOL!

Blasting into the Stratosphere! Cinta Kosmik by The Fabulous Cats.

Papa Jahat! Heheh!

After the show we get to mingle and take photographs with the artistes!

Here are more photos.....It was impossible to post all artistes who performed in the show.

Awal Ashaari...I didn't have his photo on stage because I was recording it to video. He sang his debut single called, Memori.

The sweet Liyana Jasmay was seen dancing by herself in the auditorium when we approached her for photo.

Who is this? The guy from K.I.S.S?

Nope, this guy is from Hujan. LOL!

The girls from Alibi Music.

Group photo. Yeah!

Awal Ashaari, a Malaysian Idol reject is making a comeback in the music scene. He is quite established as an emcee and actor. But can he sing?

Or is he just a pretty face with a mouth that moves? You be the judge. :D

Note: Sorry about the bad visuals. My camera had problem focussing due to lighting issue. Or maybe Awal was too "good" at his singing and my camera couldn't take it! LOL!

The best performance of the night has to be Marsha (Sorry Dayang! LOL!).

She glided efforlessly up and down the octave range while she was playing the keyboard! What amazing vocals! Malaysia's Alicia Keys in the making???

I would love to hear more from the Sabah-born lass.

Her latest single is called Tak Perlu Selamanya. (Insert 2 thumbs up here!)

UPDATE: Sorry guys. The "copyright owner" Cydney Chang just had this video yanked off YouTube! 7 May 2010

We also like the launch of new single of The Fabulous Cats - Cinta Kosmik. It's a futuristic dance number which has a hint of Black Eyed Peas vibe with some Moloko thrown in. Catchy as hell!!!!

Click the following links for more awesome performances from Alibi Music artistes.






Click the below link for Dayang Nurfaizah photos and solo version of her latest single, Sayang.


For more info about the above artistes, please visit

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The UNPAID songwriter + arranger for Tak Perlu Selamanya is voicin' up..hahahah ;)

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