Saturday, May 01, 2010

Adidas Originals Street Party 2010, Kuala Lumpur

What? Adidas Originals Street Party

Where? Norse Bar & Bistro, bbpark (in front of Low Yat Plaza)

When? 30 April 2010 (Friday) 8pm till late

Who? Amber Chia, Daphnie Iking, Alan Yun, Stephanie Chai, Ninie Ahmad, Melissa Indot, Altimet, Bittersweet, Ze! (Saerze) - those that I personally saw with my eyes but there were plenty celebs around which I didn't get to see.

How? I had to crack my head to come up with what make an awesome street party and won two free passes from JUICE. Thanks JUICE!

So, what makes an awesome street party?

Awesome party people, awesome music, awesome JUICE and of course awesome neighbours who do not call the police when the party is just about to take off at midnight! So that was my winning "slogan". Lame, eh? LOL!

I was told that the party was staged simultaneously in countries like Singapore and Indonesia, making it a grand party not to be missed!

We sure get some awesome party people there. Amber Chia, Darth Vader and the fleet from Star Wars! How cool is that?

Melissa Indot, Daphnie Iking and Stephanie Chai.

Alan Yun, one of the nicest actors I have ever encounter. :)

You have to get this blue wrist band to get in. The party was exclusive!

Awesome music? Hell yeah! Bittersweet rocked the street!

Rapper Altimet performed a few songs. I wonder how he kept cool in that Adidas jacket. I was sweating buckets. The night was hot and humid.

Watch out for the robots!.....

Sorry, I have no idea what collection was this. (p/s I dont get the press release, you see!)

It was quite hilarious watching the model robots walking up and down the stairs while trying not to tumble!

This poor boy was stuck and had to be led at some points because he couldn't see! It must have been tough catwalking under those masks and blinding spotlights!

Faceless robot models.

No eyes, no nostrils and Adidas logo at where the mouth is.

She took me by surprise! Did she steal those eyewear from Beyonce? LOL!

I have never heard of her before but she got potential!

It's like she was made by throwing Lady Gaga, Kesha, Harajuku girls, Adidas Originals and a fistfull of glitters into a blender! LOL!

I did some Googling and found that she is Malaysian electropop princess Ze! (Saerze). If loud and glam are your tastes, do check her out. :)

No, Ze was not doing the "I'm a Teapot Short and Stout" song above! Heheh!

This are what in the goodie bag....some Adidas stickers, a fluffy Adidas toy and a Hanger magazine. I wonder what were in the VIP goodie bags. They've been bragging it out on Twitters! :P

For those who missed the party, here are some snippets.

What out for the hilarious out of this world antics at the pool table. The light sabers now have new functions other than in a Jedi duel!


Check out the awesome collaboration between dance diva Melissa Indot and hip hip artiste, Altimet!

And lastly some Bittersweet?

And no, the neighbours didn't call the police. The Street Party was AWESOME!

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