Monday, May 24, 2010

The all new 'Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore' 2010

Guys, Singapore marathon is back. Well, sort of. With a new name - Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore after Singapore Sports Council (SCC) and Singapore Athleteic Asscociation (SAA) parted ways.

BTW, it used to be called the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. We swear we didn't notice such HUGE change! LOL!

SCMS 2010 debuts on Sunday, December 5.

They've got new co-sponsor - Asics and three different start points this year!

Read about it here:

1) One race, three routes

2) Singapore Marathon Out To Be Asia's Best

3) Three different start points for S'pore marathon

Thanks to Mohan for the news clippings from Singapore papers.

Here's the all new official website:

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Ms Road Runner


Thanks for sharing this! Will be doing my first 42km there :)

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