Monday, May 17, 2010

Tribute to Ngae Koh Hieng

I might have not known him personally but I had definitely seen him in races. It was hard NOT to spot him! He ran barefooted and in his trademark sarong!

"The Malaysia ultra endurance sport scene lost an icon yesterday. Ngae Koh Hieng famous for his down to earth lifestyle, barefoot running, sarong, desert and ultra running, singing while racing and training, and also for his big smile on his face has passed away on 15 May 2010" - Frank Chong

The news of his passing spreaded like wildfire in the local running circle via Facebook, sms, blogs etc last Saturday. Some even dedicated yesterday's New Balance 15K run to him.

I browsed through my running videos out of boredom yesterday. I didn't go to the NB15K because my camera is still under repair....

The first video I opened was last year's New Balance 15K. There he was. Barefooted. In his trademark sarong. Mind you, it was at random! Luckily it was in the afternoon. If it was at night, I would have freak out! :)

Therefore, I decided to share this video again as a tribute to Ngae.

I am sure at one point or another, you must have seen this runner. I hope it brings great memories to those who knew him. I am sure he will be missed.

You can watch Ngae at 0.26.

Ngae Koh Hieng - In Memory 08-01-1954 -15-05-2010

Rest in Peace.

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dannie chOOng


our (Carrie & me) condolence to his family. we do not know him personally but did heard about him & saw him few times during races before. the one minutes silent for him during NB15 was really appropriate. thanks for putting this up & acknowledging this great man...

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