Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Terminator Alive! & Terminator X: A Laser Battle for Salvation @ Sunway Lagoon

What? The Launch of Teminator Alive! & Terminator X

Where? Scream Park, Sunway Lagoon.

When? 21 May 2010, 7pm

Who? CEO of Sunway Lagoon, Mr Aaron Soo and Chairman & CEO of The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company, Mr. Lynton V Harris

They are HERE! The first ever Terminator attractions in south East Asia come alive in Lynton V Harriss' Scream Park at Sunway Lagoon!

"Find your way through an Apocalyptic landscape in TERMINATOR ALIVE! as you try to escape the Artificial Intelligence of SkyNET. Aided by revolutionary soldiers, you will have to avoid the maze of traps and gunfire as you make your way through the carnage. Your only task... make it out alive!"
"Soon, the sun goes down, lights go out and TERMINATOR X : A LASER BATTLE FOR SALVATION comes to life exclusively for Sunway Lagoon’s Nite Park. It features an interactive laser battle where two teams are pitted against each other whilst battling elite squads of the SkyNET Artificial Intelligence in the booby-trapped battle arena"

And I have got invite! (Insert excited squeal here!)

Following the success of Prison Break the Riot! Live! and Night at The Museum, LIVE and scary, the all new Terminator Alive! will transport visitors right into the heart fo action in th exciting walk through run-for-your-lives attraction based on the "Terminator" movie franchise. :)

The guy with the cyborg face is actually Sunway Lagoon CEO, Mr. Aaron Soo. The Mat Salleh next to him is Mr. Lynton V Harris, master of scare and horror house pundit of the world!

Apart from the two Terminator attractions, we were also "treated" to something supernatural.

Upon entering The Cave, we whisked in groups into the darkness to experience the newly revamped Scream Park. And in the darkness, horrors waited...

No, I didn't take those ghost pics below. They are courtesy of Sunway Lagoon. The tunnels and mazes were too dark. I kept my camera away to avoid dropping it or accidently whacking a ghost with it. Heheh!(Insert blood curdling scream here!)

The Rumah Hantu in 3D was kinda interesting! We were given 3D glasses to wear while touring the house!

Man! Just like a 3D movie! The ghosts really popped up from left, right and centre! And you'd better watch your back too! Not for the faint hearted, indeed!

After the scarefest, we were served dinner - satay and fried Singapore beehoon. No terminated food here. LOL!

Having fed us to the max, we were then sent to battle the Terminator X! Hmmmm....Was that our last meal? LOL!

We were greeted by the elite SkyNET soldiers working for Cyberdine Industries and recruited to test the new laser weapondry in the battle arena...Whoa!

The laser packs were the coolest thing! We were divided into two teams (blue and green) and pitted against each other. It was like a paint ball games but instead of the painful paint balls, we get to shoot lasers at each other! How's that for a night of fun? LOL!

At the end of the night, I could proudly announce that I survived the Terminator X experience first hand! Woohoo!

OK. Now the video. The cool launch and some snippets from the Terminator X and Terminator Alive! attraction. Don't worry. No spoiler here. Just a little taste of the exciting and heart thumping actions.

It is best that you make a beeline to Sunway Lagoon and experience being hunted by the Terminator yourselves. :)


Click the link to play the on-line Terminator X games and win yourselves some cool prizes! http://www.sunway.com.my/contest/terminatorx/

Acknowledgments: Thanks to Sunway Lagoon & Go Communications for the invite!

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