Monday, May 03, 2010

runwitme's Unofficial Guide to Party with Steve Aoki

What? Steve Aoki Live in Malaysia

Where? Euphoria, Ministry of Sound, Sunway.

When? 1 May 2010

Known for his wild party antics (re:can be hazardous to one's health) and crazy fun mixtures of electro house music, the Los Angeles-based dance-party master, Steve Aoki burned up the dance floor last Labour Day in Euphoria, Sunway.

Since I went, and lived to tell the story, I present to you a video guide on how to party with Steve Aoki! You have to survive all these....

The Arrival

The Dive

When the going gets rough, the rough goes diving!

The Pop

Note: He popped 3 bottles of Mumm champagne throught the show. He even sprayed some from his mouth!

The Squirt

The End

Click HERE to hear a newly produced track by Steve Aoki - What A Night.

I heard he drops his pants during his show too. But that's illegal in morally upright Malaysia. Heheh!

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I like this DJ, man. but the night that without me. wasted..



Steve has his own MYMAG

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