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Right or Wrong: Natasha Hudson Steals Song?

I am not accusing her of anything (hence the question mark on the title above). I will let the readers be the judge. I am merely highlighting the ahem....similarities and the claims from the talented young songwriter Kimberley Chuah. :)

Natasha Hudson version "Hanya Tuhan Yang Tahu. I recorded this video during the Alibi Kosmik Konsert Jan 15 this year. Original post HERE.

Now, see the acoustic original below which was posted on Kim's Youtube page in 2008, a song which she wrote when she was 16. She claimed Natasha had performed her song without her permission.

Hahah! Love the sock that keeps popping up! LOL!

Read about the claims by the original songwriter and the English version here:

This is not the first time Natahsa had got herself landed in hot soup in the originality of her materials.

Just Google "Natasha Hudson plagiarism" and you see what I mean.



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Julin Julai


Last year there was a controversy in which they claimed Natasha Hudson copied some English poems and translated them in her book and claimed it her own.



Personally, I'd be happy if I found out someone else wanted to perform one of my songs, not through a massive tantrum about it. Some people need to grow up.



Are you saying you would be perfectly fine knowing that a song you worked so hard at creating, was being used by an artist who hadn't given credit to you or even asked permission to use it? and on top of that, is getting paid to perform that song as her own?

Wouldn't YOU be saying, "whoah hold on why aren't I getting paid?" and why isn't this artist acnowledging that someone else wrote the song?" which, logically, would lead you to believe that the artist is trying to pass YOUR song off as her own?!

It's called stealing..
I think Kim has every right to throw a tantrum about it.

Its the same as saying -
"Hey guess what? someone took my car.. but its ok because it was MY car they chose and i feel honoured!"

Stealing is stealing its not a case of growing up....



Hi Anonymous
It is about respect for other people's work and talent. When one uses someone else's original work without permission and without signing a contract, it is called plagiarism. Therefore, it is very unprofessional, dishonest and unethical.I know Kimberley Chuah is telling the truth because "Right or Wrong" is my favourite song and I have listened to her play over and over again live!! She wrote the lyrics and composed the music too. Therefore, Natasha Hudson and whoever is involved in this matter are the ones who needs to "grow up", not Kimberley Chuah.

With much respect to all those who respect themselves and others too.

From, A Lady of Substance.

Obefiend Weiland


anon is brain dead?

if your are not paid the royalty and not given credit should you be happy

she is fast becoming the beyonce of malaysia. by that not the talented kind and a good singer but the taking credit of other people's work

please tasha

we all knew your former antics. you even accuse my friend who exposed your shenanigans as "blogger tak ada kerja lain". She happens to be a talented writed and a teacher now in inner sabah. she is a better human than u tasha

karma tasha karma

you will get yours this time around



Its not a case of someone else simply performing a song, Its the fact that she doesn't have the legal right to do it without credit given the the writer. And its not like plagiarism is a new thing for her is it... it takes talent to right a song, Miss Hudson badly lacks in that area. Talentless thief. nuff said

Tim Chewer


To be honest, the 'original' song 'Right or Wrong' sounded so alike to a number of existing pop songs, pretty much composed of a classic (and overused) chord structure with a predictable vocal melody and cliched lyrics, that to claim anyone is plagiarising rings of hypocrisy...

I'm not sure why Kim Chuah is either proud enough or desperate enough for royalties to actually try and pursue this issue so determinedly, and actually makes you seem quite petty and greedy. If she really cared about the music, surely money wouldn't be such a big issue.



Hi Tim Chewer

Where did you get the facts that she was after the royalties? All she wants is to protect the music and song that she composed and not for someone to use or give it to someone else to use it without her permission.

Where was it mentioned that money was the main issue??

This is all about respect for other people's work and not stealing someone elses work and claimed that it is yours to keep.



Nothing was said about royalties....if you read carefully on Kim's Youtube actually says that she didn't know that they were using the track.
Kim does not care about the money side of things she cares that her work has been used when she had already got plans for the 'Right Or Wrong' song in the future. She never wanted to let the song be used Tim Chewer. If you knew her personally you would understand where she was coming from, especially when she has been performing the song since she was 16.

Crimmy Null


Tsk tsk tsk...
Using someone else's song without permission & seriously, LITERALLY translating poems into Malay and call them her own???

For her to be doin sth as ridiculous as that, and have the company she's signed to approving it, i'd say the 'winner of ridiculousness' goes to the company.

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