Sunday, May 02, 2010

What A Night! Steve Aoki is in the House!

Holy mutha crap! Oops! Sorry for the swearing! You would if you had just come out from a club where Steve Aoki played to almost 2,000 euphoric clubbers! Heheh!

Jumping on the DJ deck is his specialty. Diving into the crowd like a mad man too...

Camwhoring is permitted.

Steve Aoki is in the house @ Euphoria by Ministry of Sound, Sunway.

Facebook status updating? Heheh!

I must say I have never seen anything like a Steve Aoki show before. The energy was simply electrifying and raw!

OK. He's an electro dance God, but not an Ab cruncher God. Heheh!

The show was a solid 2 hours of hot, sweaty and insane thumping session on the dance floor!

Everybody wanted a piece of Aoki.

One more photo before he called it a night!

Check out the latest song from this electro son of a party rocker called "What A Night" and you wouldn't believe what he did with a dingy on the dance floor!


Please click HERE for 5 more videos from the awesome night with Steve Aoki! :)

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