Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Running with Cassette

Remember these?

Those born in the 1990’s probably do not know what they are! These are cassettes; one of the media music was played in the past before the existence of the shiny disc called compact discs (CD).

These are some of favourites in my collections of now “useless” cassettes. They probably won’t play anymore because of the oxidation of the tapes. The only artiste that has remained active in the chart from the heap is probably only Madonna.

Cassette is OK for short run or walk in the park. I do not go long distance in it simply the player is too heavy and bounce with each stride. CD player is even worse; you can’t even run using them because of skipping of the disc.

My very first original cassette that I bought:- Bon Jovi, New Jersey that contains hits like Bad Medicine.

The second one, if I am not mistaken is Madonna’s Like A Prayer CD. It came with a poster and the sleeve of the cassette smelled nice!

One of my local favourites – Sheila Majid (The Best Of) which featured the souped up verson of Sinaran & English version of Antara Anyir & Jakarta called September Shares. I can’t find these versions anymore!

Aishah & The Fan Club (Respect The Beat)

Some of the not so original cassettes in my collections. Before the record companies brought in original cassettes from the West, we got the music in the pirated compilations like these.

Of course the song selections were excellent! Value for money too. And it comes with a different kind of casing...They even came out with “official” Grammy Awards compilations way before the originals!

Now, you don’t get this stuff anymore. You don’t even need a physical medium for music nowadays. Everything is digitally copied.

I am glad that technology has shrunken music player into small, light and with better sounds too. No more tapes get “eaten” into the rollers. No more alcohol head cleaner. No more hissing sounds.

I do not know what am I gonna do with my hundreds of cassettes....which are now collecting dusts. Probably one day I could sell them to the antique dealers.

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I remember those pirated cassettes at the pirate malam. man, they were fab with the compilations! those were the years and a stroll down memory lane.



When I was in secondary school I used to go to this record shop in Seremban that made compilations for a fee, of course cheaper if you brought your own empty cassettes. Just write down a list of the songs you want and voila!

My last cassetes were The BEP and Evan- the one with Amy Lee lah, how to spell?



man.. i have lots of them back in home town.. should be more than 200 pcs.. hahaha.. wish to throw them away but still sayang cos is all my fav and cost :) i like this post. thanks for tagged me as celine hahaha



whoa... i had lots of those since I was a kid... remember going to pasar malam to get those theme songs fr HK TVB or ATV dramas.
Thn as a teenager, I used to buy a cassette almost every week after tuition at Pudu Plaza. Dave Wang Chieh, Leon Lai, Deric Wan were the few singers that I liked...
Yeah, still keeping them now. dunno what I should do with them.
Sayang to throw them away though!

Meow Kitty =..=

The Office Mice


i even have a kitaro cassette.. haha..
i also remembered ruining my friend's britney spears cassette.. sbb asyik rewind lagu Boys.. kepingin nk pg clubbing.. duh!

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