Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First Look: The Island Ocean Marathon 2013 Finisher Medal

Presenting the one half of the Marathon Series, Island Ocean Marathon 2013 finisher medal. It's made of a combination of wood and metal. Gorgeously painted.

When you complete the next half which is the River Jungle Marathon in the series, you can combine the medals into one! How cool is that?!

Thanks to Volkswagen Malaysia, we will be covering this event in Langkawi this coming 21 April 2013.

Here are some words from our sponsor. :)

Volkswagen is no stranger to marathons. Europe’s number one carmaker has shown consistent effort and support to marathon events in Malaysia as these sporting events are closely aligned to their ‘Think Blue.’ Philosophy. After a successful run with Malaysian marathon events, the most recent of which was The River Jungle Marathon 2012, Volkswagen is back as the title sponsor of this year’s Marathon Series 2013 in partnership with The Marathon Shop. The first among this series of marathons is being held at the beautiful and mystical island of Langkawi – the Island Ocean Marathon 2013!

As the pioneers of the ‘Think Blue.’ philosophy, Volkswagen is inspiring and motivating the public to act with awareness and conscience in order to conserve the environment. But to do that, Volkswagen recognizes the need for the public to appreciate the beauty of nature. The Island Ocean Marathon lets runners do exactly that!

For more info/ update of The Marathon Series, please click HERE.

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