Monday, April 22, 2013

Invitation: Calling All Runners To Run and Stand for a Safer Malaysia

The Malaysia Women Marathon group would like to gather to make a stand for a safer Malaysia. As you guys and girls have probably heard, there was a woman runner murdered in Gasing Hills on Saturday. This kind of news give us not only sadness but big worry because our community seem to have moved into violence without regret.

The woman was helping her husband mark the trail for Hashers. And thereafter she came out to the road side. Two men on motorbike accosted her and her daughter and demanded money. She didn’t have any, so they stabbed her. Her lungs were punctured and she didn’t survive.

These are some of details. :

This gathering is being organized by our fellow runner and race director of Malaysia Women Marathon, Karen Loh (pic above, left).

Karen said, “I am able to organise a women's event but what good would that be if there are no safer havens for women to come out to exercise.”

So, she’s calling out to all you runners out there…..

1. Go to the Gasing Hills and gather near the arch on Saturday 27th April, 7am and make a stand for SAFER haven for women to run, not just women but families.

2. Gather lots of supporters and sign a memorandum for Safer Malaysia group (an NGO)

3. Go for a short run & hike up Gasing Hills.

For further info, please contact Karen at 017 237 8983.

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Hi, where exactly is the arch too Bukit Gasing? Any address?



Near the junction of Jln Telok and Jln Tanjong 5/4 section 5 Petaling Jaya.



I used to hike at Gasing every weekend. Stopped due to recent multiple alerts on car break ins. Now with this latest breaks my heart. .....cause I know it is not safe for me to go there anymore. R.I.P to the lady who was murdered last Saturday. I'm very very sad to hear the news. ......

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