Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review: Unboxing of Adidas ClimaCool Revolution Running Shoes

Would you buy shoes which are full of holes? We would, only if they are the latest adidas climacool® (CC) Revolution. Heheh!

The adidas CC Revolution shoes promise a 360° ventilation running experience.

Let’s take a look.

Our pair comes in prime blue / black / metallic silver. Designed with strategic climacool® ventilation, the running shoes feature a mesh upper, a durable ADIWEAR™ outsole and weigh 260 grams.

New ventilation channels across the outsole and the use of climacool® material on the upper of the shoe, helps sweat to evaporate.

The benefits of 360° ventilation are reduced thermal stress and discomfort during workouts. As a result, there will be an increase of running performance.

ADIWEAR™ outsole offers the ultimate in high-wear durability and non marking property.

The tongue of the shoe is long and stylish.

Perforated sockliner for increased breathability.

In addition, the COOLEVER lining, a special clover-shaped yarn, keeps the foot cool and help manage sweat.

This is how the shoe looks like when you take out the sock liner. As you can see, there are channels on the bottom of the shoe to allow the foot to breathe and heat to escape.

We also like the small detail on the tip of the shoelace. ;)

In theory, we reckoned the adidas CC Revolution are going to do well on a rainy day run too since there are channels in the shoes to drain out the rain water. No more sloshy shoes! We will definitely take them babies out for a run in the rain to test this theory out.

Even if you are not good at running, at least you can do is look to good running like Beckham! :)

Check out the ever cool David Beckham in the adidas climacool® Revolution latest TV commercial where he is on a run in the summer heat. While the rest of the city is trying to get any bit of breeze with the help of hand-held fans and window-mounted air conditioners, Beckham enjoys a cool and ventilated run in his climacool® Revolution.

Directed by Nathan Price and developed by 180LA, the film will launch in both a 15-second and a 30-second version in time for the shoe’s global retail launch.

The new climacool® Revolution running shoe retails at RM470 for both men and women and are available at the following adidas Sports Perfomance Concept Stores:

• adidas Suria KLCC (Level 3)
• adidas Pavilion (Level 5)
• adidas The Gardens (Level 3)
• adidas Empire Subang (Upper ground floor)
• adidas Paradigm Mall (Upper ground floor)
For more information on adidas Running, please visit or check out the local adidas website

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My answer is no I would not buy shoes with a bunch of holes in the soles.It is a HUGE design flaw just like in those other adidas shoes(forgot the name).Rocks and other foreign debris go into those holes.I like to run outside especially in the rain so no thanks.The uppers look solid,lots of ventilation,however these shoes are way over priced which is normal for mall shoes(David Beckham has get paid also).Appreciate the review and sneak peak.



Hi Anonymous, Thanks for your feedback. I guess one man's meat can be another's poison. Shoes are designed with different purpose and usage. Perhaps you might find trail shoes more suitable to your lifestyle than this CC Revolution. Personally, I have used CC before (older vesion) and have completed a marathon in them with no problem at all.

Barker Marine


I really like this shoe with holes everywhere and the comfort which it provided made me jog a holic.
Men Shoes UK



I really like this shoe.. This shoe more comfort than the other shoes that I use before.. I think, cc revolution can be the top 5 of "The best running shoe 2013".. Tq;)



A couple years ago I bought clima cool adidas from Germany the same colour and it's very comfortable sports shoe but the disadvantage is that the shoes are not ment to be worn in a city environment. Your socks will be very dirty even after wearing them for a half an hour. You shoud watch out for sharp stones and any sharp objects like broken glass etc. It's even worst if you went out for a walk and you step over a dog shit or any other animal's excrememnt. Even in totaly dry environment, you should be concerned about the dust and polution all the time, because the smell of your feet will be really astonishing. When you sweat than the body fluid mixes with the dirt form the shoes comming through the holes and it's just smells. It's more for showing the branding like saying to the people "look I wear adidas an I am cool" than to be used as a marathon or jogging. I would recommend only for internal fitness environment, but do not forget anbout the smell element!

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