Saturday, April 27, 2013

MWM Signature Drive for Safer Malaysia @ Bukit Gasing

About 400 people turned up at Bukit Gasing to support this event. Initiated by Malaysia Women Marathon race director, Karen Loh, the gathering called Malaysians to make a stand for a safer Malaysia.

“Madam Irene Ong Ai Sam who was killed for a failed attempt of robbery at Gasing hill on 20 April should not die in vain. It was more horrific to know that there will always be snatch thieves around but to have one killed because they couldn’t get money out of her takes the issue to another level.”

The event was joined by Safer Malaysia and residents of PJ Section 5. HooHa/ Twenty First Century Sports sponsored some drinking water and T-shirts for the participants.

According to the police, a mobile beat base is stationed in Bukit Gasing to ensure the safety of joggers and those out on walks. The mobile beat base operates for six hours daily from 7am to 10am and from 4pm to 7pm.

The main objective of the gathering is to have a memorandum signed by as many as possible to ensure safety of women marathoners when training and handed over for a Bar Council forum same day at 4 PM.

"We sign and make a stand. Let us unite to acknowledge that we no longer want this social ill to grow to an uncontrollable stage. Let us say out loud - Don't Kill, Don't Rob, Don't Attack."

The barefoot runners baring their soles for a safer Malaysia. ;)

The two daughters of the late Madam Irene Ong were also there. Hui Wei, wrote a poignant blog post for her late mother. Read it HERE.

About 400 signatures were collected so far from the gathering this morning. According to Karen, this will not stop here. MWM will work with Safer Malaysia to create more awareness to make Malaysia a safer place for everyone.

Safer Malaysia Committee of the Bar Council will host a forum today at 4pm at the Bar Council Auditorium Kuala Lumpur on escalating crime and offering solutions.

There will also be a virtual vigil in memory of all Victims of Crime today at 7pm where you may light a candle between 7pm till 8pm, take a photo of your vigil and post it on Safer Malaysia page or Malaysian Crime Awareness Campaign page.

Photos from the gathering.
1) Tey Eng Tiong's Album 1 and Album 2
2) HashFlash

Note: If you were there this morning and have photos or blog posts to share, do send us the links. We will update accordingly.

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