Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Malaysia Women Marathon: Pareo Fashion Parade

Kathrine Switzer

Unlike other major road races that give out running vests or t-shirts, the Malaysia Women Marathon handed out pareos or sarongs instead. The white pareo, printed with pink hibiscus flowers adds a touch of femininity to the race. Women (and men alike) couldn't resist to wear it on the run!

How to wear a pareo? It's actually a versatile piece of fabric. Let the Malaysia Women Marathon runners show you how.

You can wear it like a beauty queen sash. Like Sharon of Just Norahs Blog.

Yimster or Sarong Man couldn't decide to wear sarong or pareo, so he donned both!

Wrap around your waist, but keep it short to allow movements.

Throw it over your head for that extra sun protection.

You can knot it on the side....

...or knot it in the middle.

Form a triangle...

The pareo is one-size-fits-all.

Make sure you leave some fabric after the knot so that you buddy can give you a little tug when you're too tired to move...LOL!

Real men wear pareos....

Keep it short and sexay....

Wow! This girl made a dress out of the pareo, complete with spaghetti straps. We are impressed!

Based on the photos we took, we think runners are a creative bunch. Heheh!

Do you think. MWM should give out Pareo next year? Yes? No? Want something else like a sports bra? Leave a comment, we will tell the organiser.

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How about a sport skirt.. :)



running skirt also can.. sports bar also can :)



running skirts.. running skirts i agree



The last picture is me! Hahaha.. Thnx :D

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