Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Counting Days...

Places to Be in Singapore Dec 3-4. Posted by Picasa 11 Days more to go for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. I am all excited for this event and had started packing my essential running stuff in my bags. This year, I will be wearing my company corporate vest, as our Singapore office’s Sport Club will sponsor my run. Free advertising for the company. Free registration fee and vest for me. It is a win-win situation. Heheh! I have worked out a so-called itinerary for my trip this year. Friday 2 Dec 2005 Night Bye Bye KL Sentral Saturday 3 Dec 2005 Morning Hello Tanjong Pagar! Hello Singapore! Hello Kitty!(eh?) Go To Suntec City To Collect running kit and check out Sport & Fitness Expo @ Suntec. Note: For those kiasu ones, there will be 500 goodies bag to be distributed to those come with cutout ads everyday. According to Janice, the organizer, the ads will be running on Singapore news papers from 30 Nov. I guess I have to head straight to Suntec City immediately upon arrival for the goodie bag. I have downloaded coupons for various try out services and demo sessions (From Pasta cooking demo to Bollywood dance to Artistic Yoga....Yes! All runners should know how to whip up a wicked plate of pasta in various yoga asanas in Bollywood tunes). Reminder: Must also visit the Fountain of Wealth to “Feng Shui” my run on the next day. Must wish for a safe and fun run (and World Peace too) while circling the great fountain at Suntec City! Afternoon Go Art of Star Wars Exhibition @ Singapore Science Centre . Will look for the StarWars Fridge Magnets and check out some light sabers. (Insert Imperial March Anthem here) The Art of Star Wars Exhibition will run at the Singapore Science Centre from 19 November 2005 to 3 April 2006.For more information on the exhibition, please visit http://www.science.edu.sg/starwars Night Free and Easy. (Do not insert naughty thoughts here!) Sunday 4 Dec 2005 Morning Run….. Hooh! Hah! Hooh! Hah…! Afternoon CDs & DVDs shopping at HMV and Gramophone and probably catch a movie or two. SAW 2 is scheduled to open on Dec 1. I love the first part. (It was banned in Malaysia for the violence). I hope the second one has more blood, gore and creatively killed dead bodies. (Insert blood-curdling scream here). Perhaps I will go watch another movie - Aeon Flux starring the ever yummy-licious Charlize Theron in sci-fi flick. Night Free and Easy Too. Monday 5 Dec 2005 Bye Bye Singapore.

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