Thursday, November 03, 2005


Standard Chartered Run 2005 was organized by Standard Chartered Bank. Date: 29 Oct 2005. Time: 6:30am. Venue: Lumpini Park, Bangkok. Events: Special 3 km (One blinded-folded runner and another guiding seeing runner) and 11 km. Featured a to-die-for Swensen Ice Cream Breakfast Buffet at the end of the run. All proceed of the run went to "Seeing Is Believing" Charity Campaign. Olympic gold medallist, Henry Wanyoike made his appearance in the event. Goodies..My Goodies Posted by Picasa I arrived in Bangkok safely on the 28 Oct, Friday afternoon. The weather was hot and sunny, just like what I have remembered from my previous working trip in 2003. The airport has not changed much except we had to look into the camera at the immigration counter. The camera is ball-shaped, attached to a 12 inches long stalk likes something you would find in a Sci-fi film. Took the airport taxi service to the hotel in Silom. My ride - Camry. 600 Baht per trip. Toll cost 60 Baht. The ride was quite smooth except some jam when we moved closer to the city center. I checked into the Trinity Silom Hotel. After dumping my luggage in the room, I quickly dashed out to Chong Nongsi station which is about 5 minutes walk from my hotel. Took the BTS (Bangkok equivalent to our LRT) to Saladeang Station. Another 10 minutes walk to Lumpini Park. Collected my running kit. 1 SCR Reebok running vest. Good quality. :) 1 SCR sling bag 1 SCR wrist band – to be worn on race day for Swensen Ice-cream buffet. 1 SCR water tumbler 1 SCR hand towel A Championchip timer (with a velcro strap) Now, don’t you think this is value for money? All finishers would get a handsome medal. The registration fee was unbelievably low - 300 Baht only (~RM30)!!! (Insert two thumbs up for the SCR organizer here). Was out from the registration area in a jiff and rush back to the hotel. Bought an Orange 90 Baht SIM card for my phone. After freshening up, I had dinner at a noodle restaurant in Silom (very near to Patpong Night Market) – NOODIE, my favourite restaurant in Bangkok. Affordable and delicious. Ordered the Green Curry Spaghetti. Simply orgasmic, Meg Ryan style heheh! Went back to hotel and lights off at 10pm.

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