Thursday, November 03, 2005

Henry Wanyoike - Seeing is Believing! Posted by Picasa The 3km event was scheduled to kick off at 6:30am. I choose a good spot to take pictures. Saw Henry Wanyoike at the starting point. Wanyoike who? Henry is a Kenyan who loves running. On April 30, 1995, Henry went to bed as usual after dinner. He woke up the following day completely blind and has never seen anything again. He was 19 years old. Henry continues to run. Today, Henry is a world track champion, an Olympic gold medalist, and now a global Goodwill Ambassador for Standard Chartered Bank's "Seeing Is Believing" campaign, which will restore sight to one million people in the next three years. 100% of the entry fee will go to the Thai Red Cross Eye Bank to support Standard Chartered Bank's "Seeing Is Believing" campaign. By running, all of us will help someone see again. (Insert applause and salute to Henry here)

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